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JIMS is an integrated computer system used by many different departments and agencies to locate, track, identify, charge, book, prosecute and supervise criminal offenders, file and process civil cases, and automate jury management and payroll.


Harris County Commissioners Court officially established the concept of the Justice Information Management System (JIMS), and the department of the same name to provide automated applications services in November 1977.


The recognition of JIMS marked the beginning of the system as we know it today, and it also marked the culmination of several years work already spent planning and designing JIMS and its predecessor systems. The result is the largest fully integrated automated county level justice system in the country and the resulting long term savings of tax dollars required to support the justice process.


JIMS is the product of a continuing cooperative effort among Harris County justice agencies and elected officials. The automated systems are designed to provide one-time entry of data and efficient access to justice information to all agencies that require it through shared files and system resources, while restricting access to certain criminal history and other sensitive information according to local, state and federal regulations, laws and guidelines. Projects and priorities are established by the participating user agencies.


The system is used daily by personnel in over 300 government agencies including municipal, county, state, and federal agencies.  The system is also used by over 1500 private sector firms and companies through the Harris County District Clerk's Office Subscriber Access program.

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